Wednesday 11 January 2012

Book, Song, Body

BOOK- I have owned a copy of The Help for months but never read it. A co-worker also owned a copy of the book and it was passed between my co-workers with all of them loving it and telling me I HAD to read it. Last Thursday, I FINALLY picked up my copy and I finished it on Monday. Not only did I read this 500-ish page book in a matter of days (rare for me, I consider myself a slow reader) but I was left asking myself "Why did it take so long to read this book???"

If you have yet to read this book, I suggest you do!

Set in the 1960's, this book focuses on race issues (the book cover has a quote praising this book as a modern day To Kill A Mocking Bird), specifically the relationship between black maid and their white ladies aka employers. The story is told from the point of view of Abileen and Minny (two maids) and Miss Skeeter (a white woman). Miss Skeeter decides to write a book, a collection of interviews from black maids about what it's like to work for white families.

This book is a captivating read. If you haven't read it, what are you waiting for?!?!?

The 60's weren't that long ago...It's amazing to see and think how far our society has come.

***SPOILER ALERT*** While there was a lot I loved about this book, I really loved that the girl didn't get the guy. While this was a very minor story line, it was still refreshing ***SPOILER ALERT***

SONG-There is so much great music, and songs, out there that it's always hard for me to pick just one from week to week. This week, I decided to go with a band from my hometown. The band is Street Pharmacy and they have a ton of great songs- hard to pick one. I decided to go with a song that was used for their first music video- Welcome To Tha Street Pharmacy. Street Pharmacy's sound is hard to describe or compare to anything else out there in the musical world. So just listen to the song...And then look up more of their stuff (youtube, itunes, myspace, etc)

BODY- Lounge wear, especially from LaSenza. There is little better then coming home from a long day of work, slipping out of your uncomfortable work clothes and into a super comfy pair of lounge pants and just relaxing. And sometimes, you just need to show your body some love by hanging out in comfy clothes all day. Give your body a break from uncomfortable and/or restricting clothing.

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