Sunday 22 January 2012


Years ago, a friend of mine was student teaching in a third grade class. She asked her students to create their own 'I have a dream' statements. She was kind enough, at the time, to share her favourites via e-mail with some of her friends. Here's what she sent:

Since it's MLK day... What my lil 3rd graders had to say about it:

"I have a dream to bild a yoga manchion in the midil of the wood. I will make this dream realate by making 1 billion dollers. This would make the world a better place by bringing pece to all in the art of love." -Marcus 

"I have a dream that there would be more pets in the world so people can have something to play with. I will achive this by bulding more habitat." -Andrew

"I  have a dream that my family will have a safe life like my nana and papa. I'll make this happen by playing football so I can be rich and pay for taxes and stuff." -Kip


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