Monday 8 July 2019

Difficult Roads, Beautiful Destinations

Late last year, I left a very unhappy, uncomfortable situation that did not align with my personal beliefs. I wasn't being treated well, I wasn't being valued. Selfish people were stabbing people in the back to protect themselves. As hard as I tried to stay out of it, explicitly saying I wanted nothing to do with the situation, I kept getting dragged in. I wasn't the only one. Three people created chaos and brought so much negativity to the lives of others. People were drastically affected in life changing ways.

While I was able to get out of the situation, in a very ugly way, and move forward with my life rather quickly, my past- the situation, people connected- have popped up every so often reminding me of everything that happened and how horrible it was. Sometimes it's a negative thought, and sometimes it's a punch in the stomach. 

It was a very difficult road I found myself on and it ended in a dark spot, but I kept traveling the road. The road I was on, the journey, had some nice stops along the way. The road became less difficult, even though there were still challenges and sharp turns and uphill portions. 

Now? I have a job I love, an amazing company and team that I'm part of, quality friendships, a fulfilling relationship and the best partner. My family, who has always been great, has always been there.

The difficult roads I traveled down did lead me to a one of the most beautiful destinations, more beautiful than I had ever imagined. This beautiful destination is a place I plan on staying at for awhile.