Tuesday 16 February 2016

Hey, It's Ok

Airing My Dirty Laundry

To think the word "slay" needs to stop being used. As in "she slayed that presentation." It bothers me more than "selfie".

That I started watching Gilmore Girls. This was a show I never got into when it was on, but I've started watching in on Netflix. I can see the appeal.

To be going to Moose Jaw this week!!! This is a trip that I won and have been looking forward to for months! It should be a ton of fun, I'm really looking forward to it and hoping it won't be too cold.

That I had a low key birthday weekend. After driving through whiteout conditions and snow squalls, I safely made it to my destination, only to be sick the next day. This put a bit of a damper on the birthday celebrations.

To be looking forward to my birthday gift from my sister- a day at the spa! The best part of this gift is getting to spend time with my sister.

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Fave 5: Edition 4

Hey everyone...Happy Wednesday!! I have been slacking as a blogger so far this year- I really need to change that!! Work-which I LOVE- has been keeping me busy, my friends-who I also love- are keeping me busy, and some upcoming travel-which I also love- has been keeping me busy.

I haven't done a Fave 5 in about 6 months, so I thought today would be a good day to do one!

1.  Reading material
I am currently reading Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker. I am on a K.A. Tucker binge...love her books!!

2. Musical Taste
My work place list has been nothing but Charlie Puth recently. Love his voice and music!

3. Flick Pick
This movie has been on my radar for years, since I first heard about it. I finally had the chance to watch it on the weekend- love! This movie was filmed over 12 years, so you get to see the actors and characters age/grow in what is essentially real time.

4. Lip Colour
 I originally tried this lip colour, Niagara Overlook by Burt's Bees, because it was inspired by Niagara- my home. I love this colour and get so many compliments on it, that it has become my go-to.

5. Travel Log
I have two trips coming up. Next week, I will be in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and the week after I will be in Ottawa, Ontario. These are two places I have never been to visit before and I am looking forward to both trips!!

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Hey, It's Ok!

Airing My Dirty Laundry

That John Scott was the MVP for NHL All-Stars and that the team he captained also won!! I am so happy for him and I'm glad that the NHL did the right thing and let him play. Also, hopefully the NHL sees the error of their ways and don't try and pull something like that again, 

To have LOVED everything about Grease Live! With the exception of the sound cutting out in one of the scenes, everything about the performance was on point! Casting, directing, camera angles and shots, set design, wardrobe, quick changes, songs/singing, dancing, choreography, acting- everything was just amazing!!!

That my birthday is 13 days away and I have no plans. Nothing. I'm starting to stress about this. 

To be excited for my trip to Saskatchewan later this month!! I know it's going to be cold, but I am so excited!! We have some fun things planned and I'm looking forward to visiting a province I've never been to.

That I have a trip to Ottawa planned for early March!! I'm looking forward to visiting our Nation's Capital- I need to figure out what I want to do and see while I am there. I'm going for a conference, which should be fun, and I am going to get to visit our office in Ottawa, which I'm looking forward too. 

Monday 1 February 2016

January Resolution: Paint Nite

I cannot believe that today is the first day of February and that we have the first month of 2016 in the books!! January flew by- it was a really busy, but a really fun month!!

My New Years Resolution for 2015 was to connect with friends- really put in time and effort to work on my friendships. I was actually able to follow through with this resolution- connecting with at least two friends each month, and they were friends that I had gone at least 3 months without seeing. While it was fantastic to build and strengthen my friendships, and I enjoyed the time I spent with friends, I realized that I really missed socializing with a group of friends. So, my resolution for 2016 is to have one social outing a month with a group (3+) of friends.

In January, myself and 10 friends did a Paint Nite!! This was something we planned back in December and I had been looking forward to for weeks! What's Paint Nite? It's a company that hosts a night out at a local bar with an artist. The artist instructs everyone on how to paint a picture.

We started out with a blank canvas, two paint paint brushes, paint, a cup of water and a paper towel.

Everyone paints the same pictures with step by step instructions from the artist. He told us what paint colours to blend in order to make a new colour and where to paint on the canvas.

While you are painting, since you`re at a bar, you can also drink and eat. Of course, there is time for socializing. Our group was spread over two side by side tables, so we were all able to talk and interact with each other. There was a lot of laughing going on.

At the end of the night, we all had the same painting and had a fantastic time!! We all agreed that we would love to go back and do another Paint Nite, which I believe we will do. We already have any outing planned for February, which should be a lot of fun too.

The finished painting. It didn't turn out too bad!! It's currently hanging in my dad's office.

If you are looking for something fun to do, I highly recommend a Paint Nite!! There were groups of friends, individuals and even people on dates. Everyone really enjoyed themselves!!

I am 1/1 for this year's resolution and I'm hoping I will be able to stick to it. We already have something planned for February...here's hoping this is something I can stick with for the year!!