Tuesday 26 June 2018

Hey, It's Ok

With Amber from Airing My Dirty Laundry
That, after my trip out East, I understand why so many people love Canada's East Coast!! It's beautiful and the people are so friendly!!

To be sad that June is almost over. Summer has barely started and I feel like it's so close to being over. 

That I saw Ocean's 8 on the weekend. I haven't seen any of the Ocean's movies, so I may have missed out on some of the backstory, but I really enjoyed the movie!!

To be excited that Big Brother starts this week!! I have found the past several seasons of BB US to be kind of boring and the cast to be repulsive. Here's hoping this season and cast are a lot better, decent, and entertaining. 

That I am having day dreams bout night things in the middle of the afternoon (name that tune). 

Monday 25 June 2018

Somebody Else

It has been a minute or two since I have posted!! I have been busy traveling- both for work and for pleasure- and just enjoying life. I'm excited that Summer has officially started!! I have spent a lot of time outside, and at the beach. 

Right now, life is great and I am incredibly happy. I feel that this upcoming week will be a bit of a challenge for me...I have some fun things planned and will be spending time with friends, but this week will have it's challenges. 

I cam across this quote last month and I have made it my mantra, When I struggle or am having a bad day, I switch my focus to helping or doing something nice for someone else. It has ranged from writing a note to someone and telling them they are doing an awesome job to asking a co-worker what their biggest task/struggle/issue is and asking how I can help or if I can take the task off their plate and do it for them. These gestures, no matter how small, will make the other person feel happy, which in turns makes me feel better.

Being able to take that negative situation/space that I am in and then using my energy to help someone else, has the ability to really turn my day around.