Wednesday 11 November 2020

Lest We Forget

In Canada, today is Remembrance Day. This is the day that we honour and remember members of our armed forces; those who have served, are serving and, especially, those who have fallen.

Today and every day we remember the sacrifices that our brave men and women have made fighting to give and preserve the freedom we share today. They gave their todays so we could have our tomorrows. Thank you to veterans, active military, and our fallen.

With bravery and strength they serve. With respect, honour and gratitude we thank them.

Lest we forget. 

Wednesday 4 November 2020

November Thoughts

Well, here we are in November. November is such a gloomy month for me. It's cold, dark, rainy or snowy- you never know here in Canada. It has me missing the crisp October days with the beautiful Fall colours and counting down until the festive December season. 

November is just...It's a stepping stone. It bridges us from point A to point B and give us hope of better things to come. This year, with 2020 being A YEAR, November brings us closer to 2021and the possibilities that a new year will- hopefully- bring. 

Last November, I found myself in Nashville. It was the first time I had the opportunity to visit and I really loved my time there. I can't wait to go back and have been planning my return since sitting in an airport waiting for my flight home. There is so much more to Nashville than drinking, Broadway and live music. 

As someone who travels frequently- or used to travel frequently- the fact that I haven't been anywhere since March is making me nostalgic for past adventures and thinking of where I'll go to next- whenever "next" may be.

November with all it's dreariness makes me want to stay inside, start to hibernate. I know I'll have to force myself out of my warm home to walk around my community and try and appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer this month. 

I have a pile of books, plans to stock up on hot chocolate, a new hobby I'm picking up, and some virtual time scheduled with some of my favourite people. And maybe, just maybe, some in person time too. November will be a month of self-care and making sure I have what I need to be my best self so I can continue to support others around me.

This isn't the November 2020 I was hoping to have, but that it doesn't mean it won't be a good month- dreariness and all!

Wednesday 28 October 2020

Let's Make...Arugula and Prosciutto Flatbread

I originally made this flatbread a couple of years ago to impress someone. They were so impressed, that every time I offered to cook for them, they requested flatbread. I have since made this really simple and delicious recipe for family and friends with the same response- this is REALLY good!

  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • 2 tablespoons all purpose flour
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1/2 cup Gorgonzola cheese
  • 6 slices of prosciutto
  • Handful of arugula
  • Prepared flatbread

To make:
  • Preheat oven to 375
  • In a small sauce pan over medium heat, melt butter and stir in flour for about 30 seconds
  • Whisk in cream, stirring frequently until mixture thickens (about 6-7 minutes)
  • Add in Gorgonzola cheese until melted
  • Remove mixture from heat
  • Place flatbread on baking sheet and spoon on Gorgonzola mixture and spread to edge of the flatbread
  • Top with prosciutto and arugula 
  • Bake in oven for 15 minutes
  • Remove from oven and cut into pieces, serve hot
  • Enjoy!
  • Blue cheese can be used in place of Gorgonzola
  • Prepared thin crust pizza can be used in place of flatbread
  • I break the slices of prosciutto into smaller pieces, but can use whole pieces
  • I will sometimes sprinkle parmesan cheese over the prosciutto and arugula before placing in the oven

Wednesday 14 October 2020

What the Pod(cast)?

As a extrovert and social person, the past few months have been a bit of a struggle for me. My social life is not what I'm used to or what I would like it to be. I have gone with the flow and have tried my best to adjust and fill my time in other ways. These "other ways" is reading more (I've read 50+ books since April) and twice daily walks in the picturesque town I'm calling home during these crazy times. I've also taken to listening to podcast while I walk.

Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids
This is my favourite podcast! There haven't been any new epsidoes this year- as the are recorded live. But I am going back and re-listening to old episodes and they are just as funny the second or third time around.

Missin' Curfew
Former NHLers Jimmy Hayes, Shane O'Brien, and Scotty Upshall- who I've loved since he played for Canada at the World Juniors- talk hockey. Fun to hear their take on what going on in the league and hear stories from their playing days. 

You Can Sit With Us
The TryWives- who you may know from The TryGuys on Youtube- have their own podcast! This podcast is just like sitting and having a chat with your girlfriends. They cover a variety of topics, are relatable and entertaining.

Zack to the Future
Mark-Paul Gosselaar is watching Save by the Bell episodes for the first time. Fun to get his reaction and behind the scenes info. 

Ben and Cristine of Simply Nailogical have a podcast! My fellow Canadians cover a variety of topics. I've always loved the banter between Ben and Cristine on their YouTube channel, so I'm loving that they have podcast. These two are so down to earth and real. 

Steal from the Best
This podcast will inspire you to succeed in business and in life. Highly successful and relatable guests- lawyers, real estate agents, event professionals, etc- share their stories and experiences, and listeners can "steal" their ideas. Love that the guests are relatable and not super successful billionaires that have success that the average person won't be able to attain.