Monday, 26 June 2017

Inspire Me: Something Wonderful

This is how I start my day...I believe every day that something amazing will happen. I've lost sight of that over the past few weeks. Time to refocus.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

From The Archives: Let It Rain

I have a life that I love and I have many, many, many great things going for me. About two weeks ago, there was a very confusing conversation with someone who claimed I was one of his best friends. From there, things went downhill. It was one thing after another- all unrelated, but all negative. I'm pretty tough and I can take a lot...but there was a final blow- someone I thought would always be there for me- that has really gotten to me. All of the situations and circumstances added up and really got to me, if I'm being honest. 

On the weekend, I was able to escape. It's a place I run to, and I had the added bonus of being alone that weekend. Time to be by myself, do what I want, process thoughts, and refocus. The weather, of course, got in the way of my plans. Instead of being at the beach, I was under a covered porch during a thunder storm. 

As I was mesmerized by the storm, I was reminded of situation years ago where I found myself caught in the rain. I was reminded of how much happiness that situation brought me, and realized I needed to stop focusing on all the little things that I could have done differently and start focusing on the small, simple pleasures of life- like playing in the rain. 

Review: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

A number of months ago, I was introduced to Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. I was given the product in the shade of "Sugar Fig". I must admit, at first look, I was not a fan of the colour- I thought it was too dark, too shimmery, and too 'purple' for me. The product sat in my make up draw for a few months before I even gave it try. 
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Sugar FigImage via Sephora

I. Love. This. Product! 
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment has become my 'go to' lip product. The colour is really sheer, so "Sugar Fig" did end up being a good colour for me, but it's also a buildable product- you just keep layering until you get the shade you want. In the tube, the product looked really shimmery, but was perfect on my lips. I have since tried this product in "Tulip" which is a pretty, pink colour. 

What I love about Fresh, besides it being a sheer and a buildable product, is how soft, smooth, and hydrated it leaves my lips! While it isn't a 'long lasting' colour (and it doesn't claim to be), the colour does last a decent amount. The price point is a little high ($30), but well worth it!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Hey, It`s Ok
With Amber from Airing My Dirty Laundry

That it was a rainy weekend. I like the rain, but it got in the way of my beach time. 

To be sad and disappointed that the New York Rangers bought out Dan Girardi`s contract. I love the Rangers, and I loved Dan as a Ranger.

That I have a busy week ahead of my. Everyday for the next week, I have plans every day/night with friends or family. It'll be fun!!

To not understand why Corus Entertainment would but Big Brother Canada on "hiatus" despite it doing well in the ratings and bringing in a younger demographic.

That I have been struggling the past two weeks. I'm constantly telling myself that 'this too shall pass' and to focus on choosing to be happy.