Monday 16 January 2012

i & i



The past few days, I've found myself battling a cold. I've been drinking tea non stop since Friday. In between cups of tea, I've been having Halls and Secrets. I've spent days in bed, trying to sleep this cold off and with a heating pad to my ears trying to make the pain bearable. Yes, the past few days have not been fun. Especially when I found myself out of tissue and low on meds. So, I got dressed and headed to the drug store to stock up on supplies. While I was there, I saw that they were having sale on Ben & Jerry's ice cream (2 for $10).

This weeks idea? Treat yourself to some Ben & Jerry's! It's so good and it really won't hurt you to have a little. My favourite flavour, or one of them, is Half Baked. So go on, head down to the store and pick up a container of this little flavourful piece of heaven courtesy of the Green Mountain State (aka Vermont).

i & i (idea & inspiration) taken from Brittany at Happy Brittany.

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