Tuesday 24 January 2012

Hey! It's Ok

This idea was taken from Whispering Writer.

It's ok...

To think Chelsea Handler is funny. Chelsea Lately, After Lately, her books and even her new show on NBC ('Are You There Chelsea?')...it's ok to enjoy all of these things and laugh.

To be sad that this week is my co-workers last week at work before her mat leave. I really am going to miss her. I realize how lucky I've been to be able to go to work and see (and work with) one of my best friends. It's also ok to be a little bit scared that once her baby is born, she'll be too busy being a hot mama to worry about her friends, thus leaving me with one less best friend. Sad.

To spend the night looking at your high school yearbook. Sometimes you just need to be reminded of things; like your youth, Friday night Ski Club trips, or the cute guy who sat next to you in English. If you realize you graduated 10 years ago and instantly feel old, that's ok too.

To spend time browsing the ads on Craigslist as a source of entertainment. You never know what you might find...like a once used yoga mat for sale.

To not know whether or not you like something you've just tried, like a food or drink. Sometimes you need to try things a few times before making up your mind.

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