Saturday 28 January 2012


This is the last Saturday of January and January is Alzheimer Awareness Month. So, in honour of this month and with Alzheimer Society of Canada launching a new website, I thought that it would be fitting for today's website to be Alzheimer Society's new website.

From this site, you can easily access the provincial and local chapter sites. It not only has information about dementia- explaining different dementias and Alzheimer's disease, information on getting a diagnosis, understanding behaviour, etc- but also information on living with the disease- for both people living with the disease and caregivers, information of safety, treatment and advance care planning and more.

You can find out how the Society can help you. This can be education, information and training. Provincial and local chapters also offer support groups, volunteer companion programs, music and pet therapy programs and valuable resources. The website also has information on how you can get involved via fundraising, donating and volunteering. And of course, information on the latest research.

I really like the Brain Booster part of the website. This has:
  • Information on fitness- was that you can easily build fitness into your daily routine and lifestyle. There are even specific sections for everyone from children to older adults.
  • Puzzles- a variety of puzzles to do that will keep your brain active and healthy.
  • Recipes- easy and healthy.
This site has tons of information and with the new design is easy to navigate. Definitely go take a look!

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