Friday 27 January 2012

Favourite Thing- Princess Penelope's Children Boutique

My Dream Sample Box introduced me to Princess Penelope's Children Boutique.

The piece that I received was a Korker Bow and a Crochet Headband.

We've all seen babies wearing these headbands and they look super cute! I immediately thought of my co-worker and friend, and hoped that she would have a baby girl just so she could wear this headband:

Not only did I think this headband was adorable, but I really love the fact that the korker bow is detachable. So, when the baby outgrows the headband, she'll still be able to wear the bow:

I also received these Barrettes, which I am giving to my little cousin:

If there is a little girl in your life, definitely head over to Princess Penelope's. The site has tons of great stuff available. From diaper bags to dresses, you are sure to find something that you love and/or would make the perfect gift.

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  1. Hi this is Alicia Gonzalez, owner of Princess Penelope's. Thank you SO much for your blogpost!! This is incredible sweet. I can't so thank you enough. God bless you!