Monday 9 January 2012

i & i


I was talking to a friend last night and he has dinner every Sunday with his girlfriend and her family. For whatever reason, he didn't feel like going (maybe because he was tired and hungover from the night before?). I told him, if he didn't want to go he didn't have to. Just to call the girlfriend, tell her he wasn't feeling well, send flowers to her mom, apologize for missing dinner and say that he's looking forward to next weekends dinner. This made me think of two things; 1. Maybe I should write an advice column and 2. I have this weeks idea.

Buy flowers! Studies have shows that flowers do make people feel better, happier. So go on, buy some flowers for yourself, your girlfriend, mom, neighbor, whoever. Flowers will brighten your, or the person you give them to, day.

i & i (idea & inspiration) taken from Brittany at Happy Brittany.

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  1. In the midst of a cold winter weather snap, sweet-smelling flowers can certainly make for a better day. I like your advice.