Tuesday 31 January 2012

Hey! It's Ok

This idea was taken from Whispering Writer.

It's ok...

To have become addicted to Italian Soda, which is basically flavour and Club Soda. It's also ok to think because it uses Club Soda it's 'healthier' for you than regular pop/soda...not much healthier, but healthier none-the-less.

To be thinking of what you are going to do and/or watch on Sunday besides the Super Bowl. I REALLY don't care to watch the game- not even for the half-time show or the commercials. I'm just not interested and for the past several years have gone out of my way to avoid watching.

To be kinda creeped out with the Facebook Timeline. It's going to be harder to keep things private. If this article is accurate, you only have 7 days to make changes to your Tmeline and hide posts from your past. Not to mention all the new info they are going to try to collect on us...

To take a nap after work. Sometimes you just need that quick little rest after a long day at the office in order to get ready for your night.

To be super proud that our Chapter raised over $51,000 during our Walk for Memories this past weekend. We exceeded what we raised last year and exceeded the goal that we set for this year!

January is Alzheimer Awareness Month: Let's Face It


  1. Yeah the timeline thing is kind of hard to understand but you get used to it after awhile.

  2. Oh I so so understand about what to watch on Superbowl Sunday.

  3. Mm, I love Italian Soda so much!

    I'll probably watch DVR shows on Sunday..