Tuesday 10 January 2012

Hey! It's Ok

This idea was taken from Whispering Writer.

It's ok...

To not watch The Bachelor. I've watched an episode here and there, and I'm not even sure if I watched an entire episode. I know I have never watched an entire season or a finale. I'm just not interested. While my co-workers discussed last nights episode I was able to participate in the conversation by asking questions. It's also ok that we were all bothered by the fact that there has never been a non-Caucasian bachelor/bachelorette.

To think after I gave one person successful relationship advice I am now qualified to write my own relationship advice column. Even though that person didn't take my advice and all was fine. But had he, it would have still worked out fine for him.

 To love the "50 Ways to Be Better At..." resolution like items that Elle Canada published in their January 2012 issue. My persona; favourite- how to steal someone's restaurant reservation. Genius. But maybe not for those who have ethics...

To being loving this weather! The high today was +4, but with the sun out and virtually no wind, it felt so much warmer! How warm you ask? Walking around in jeans and a long-sleeved shirt with no jacket warm. Not even a sweater. I hope it stays like this for a bit longer. Like until Spring.

To not understand wax tarts (or wickless candles). While I do like tarts, and I have one burning as I write this, I don't really understand. A tart is a wickless candle, but you're supposed to melt the tart- that's the whole point of them. How do you melt a wax tart you ask? By using an unscented tea candle. Put the candle in the holder, tart in the burner, light the candle which warms the bottom of the burner which in turn melts the wax tart. Why not just buy a scented candle and burn that?

To have watched the new CBC show "Mr D" last night and loved it. But I've been a fan of Gerry D the Sports Reporter for years. Anyway, funny show. If you're Canadian, watch it Mondays at 8pm on CBC.


  1. There are so many shows I've never seen. Friends, How I met your mom, desperate housewives. They're all meh to me. :-)

    The bachelor/ette sounds like a huge waste of time. I prefer my reality TV trashier than that. :-p

  2. I haven't been into the Bachelor either.

  3. I don't watch The Bachelor either. I did the first few seasons and then was over it..