Friday 20 January 2012

Favourite Thing- Pregnant Co-Workers

I have to admit, I've recently discovered that one of my favourite things is pregnant women, very specifically my co-worker!

My co-worker is a friend of mine so she's always been a 'favourite' but her pregnant is phenomenal.

It's been fun watching her belly grow and for weeks, I'd get a weekly update letting me know the size of her baby as compared to food items. It's entertaining to hear her talk about pregnancy issues- such as her possibly having a liver disease because she was itchy. I've liked hearing about how her and her husband are preparing for this baby, their first, from prenatal classes to nursery decorating and possible baby names. Ohhh...the baby names. It was weird and cool seeing her ultrasound pictures. There really is a baby in there and not just beer, or in her case, McDonald's.

It was fun going with another co-worker last weekend to pick out baby stuff to surprise the pregnant co-worker with at our last staff meeting. And months ago when I saw a book, The Hot Mom's Handbook, I just HAD to buy it for her. Trust me, she will be one hot mama, even without the handbook.

But one of the best parts of her being pregnant?

Someone in our office is going to make some money! Yup, we have a baby pool going. We've been thinking about your guesses for weeks and they have been closely guarded secrets. This is kind of a serious deal in our office and we are all oddly competitive about it.

It hasn't been all fun and games...I could have done without the baby bumping and belly jiggling.

But all kidding aside, I've really enjoyed this little pregnancy journey that she's been on and feel honoured and blessed to have been part of it. Even though I am going to miss her terribly while she's on mat leave, I'm excited for her and her husband and can't wait to meet the baby, who is hopefully an 8lbs 4oz girl born February 14 at 2:50am...

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