Friday 6 January 2012

Fvaourite Thing- Ifs & Butts

This weeks favourite thing: Ifs & Butts!

I had never heard of this game, Ifs & Butts, until my sister bought it for me for Christmas. I've since played it a few times and love it! This game is sooo much fun! The more people you have playing, the more fun it is.

Everyone takes a turn being the leader of a round. The leader draws an 'If' card and a 'Butts' card, picking an 'If' for everyone to answer and two 'Butts' for 2-4 players to perform during the round. Everyone answers the 'If' question (ex 'If you were a rockstar, what would your stage name be?') and pass their answer to the leader, who reads them out loud. When an answer is read out loud, everyone guesses who's answer it is. While the answers are being read and author guessed, people have to perform their 'Butts' (ex 'Propose to anyone who guesses your name'). It is seriously such a fun, and funny, game!

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