Friday 4 October 2013

Monthly Round Up- September

Idea taken from Jen, Our Love and Our Blessing. What's Monthly Round Up? On the first Friday of each month, you recap some (or all) of your posts from the previous month!

In August, I...

...started the month with a David Myles song.
...recapped August's post.
...shared my Muskoka Summers.
...linked up for Boys Behind the Blog.
...apart of Amber's Birthday Giveaway.

Throughout the month, I...
...compiled my Monday-Friday posts for Weekly What? (here, here, here and here).
...posted weekly Inspiration (here, here, here, here and here).
...talked about my Favourite Things (Ipsy and Athleticism)
...had a weekly feature on my blog showcasing different Canadian Provinces (British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta and Ontario)

I participated in two weekly link ups;
Hey! It's Ok (here, here, here and here)

Lots of different posts...I can't wait to see what October will bring!

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  1. Congrats on Blogtember. I definitely want to try doing it next year!