Wednesday 30 October 2013

Life Update- October Happenings

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know the best way to describe my life is BUSY! October has not been an exception. While everyone would agree that I'm super busy, I don't think I'd have it any other way...I'm the one who makes my life busy.

So, what have I been to?

Work has probably been the aspect of my life that has kept me the most busy, but it has been pretty rewarding too! I've had the chance to experience some pretty cool things because of work. Here's a point form summary of my October work life:
  • Toured a new Family Centre
  • Toured local CTV offices- I was in the room when they did the news, saw the new set before the debut and was in the directors booth while they were airing the news!
  • Staff meeting
  • Meeting with a sister organization
  • Preparing and hosting a conference (500+ people)
  • Young professionals networking group
  • Community partner meetings
  • Committee meeting
  • Visiting a long term care facility to thank them for making centre pieces for our conference
  • Hosting a Southwest Regional meeting
And of course, being nominated for TWO Chamber Awards (Best PR & Marketing Campaign, Best Fundraiser) and exceeding a campaign fundraising goal just over a month into the campaign!

Personally, I have been just as busy. I have gone away every weekend this month, which is typical for me, but I've also:
  • Two Sorority meetings and a social
  • Two Brock Alumni meetings (one that I hosted) and a Brock Professional Development event
  • Two high school Alumni meetings
  • High School Homecoming event
  • Celebrating a 90th birthday
  • Thanksgiving- two days of celebrating
  • My parents wedding anniversary
  • Co-hosted a surprise baby shower for a friend/co-worker (you can read about part of it here)
  • Keeping a friend company as she stripped wallpaper in her new house
  • Blogger meetup with Justine and exchanged our Pretty Little Beauty Swap packages
  • Pilgrimage- a fundraiser my high school does. I always go back and help with registration and attend mass
This month has flown by, but I had many fun things happened this month. Pilgrimage is ALWAYS a highlight of my October, as is Thanksgiving. I am incredibly proud to be nominated for two Chamber awards and over the moon for exceeding a fundraising goal so quickly! The surprise baby shower was such a high point this friend/coworker was totally surprised and had no idea; she and I were actually talking about it yesterday. I love seeing how much the shower meant to her and how much she enjoyed it.

November is days away and it will be just as busy; hockey game, spending time with my university roommate, fundraising event, national talent competition finals and hosting a Community Engagement Session- and that's just the first week of November!

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  1. I am sure that you are anxious for Christmas holidays to get some time off... ! :)