Friday 25 October 2013

Favourite Thing- Justine/Blogger Meet Up

Earlier this week, I talked about participating in the Pretty Little Beauty Swap and mentioned how the best part of this swap was actually having the chance to meet my partner. 

I hear all the time about different bloggers meeting up and how much fun they have. Up until this week, I've never had the opportunity to experience this for the simple fact that I had yet to encounter a fellow blogger from Southern Ontario. 

Justine from Sleepy Single Girl, a friend of mine, was the mastermind behind the swap. Due to my busy schedule, I limit the swaps that I participate in, but wanted to participate to support Justine in the first every swap that she hosted. As it turned out, Justine actually need another Canadian (aka me) to sign up to be paired with the only other Canadian participating. This ended up being an amazing thing for me!

By chance, my swap partner, also named Justine, lived about an hour away from and agreed to meet me in person. After a bit of back and forth and trying to figure out our schedules, on Sunday we were able to arrange to meet for the following day.I had re-arranged to potentially take Monday off. 

Meeting up with Justine, was honestly one of the greatest things for me.

Everyone knows how busy I am and how I always have so much going on. I have a stressful job (non profit fundraising...I'm responsible for bringing in money so that we can offer services and programs to our clients...if they money's not there, our organization no longer operates...yup, no pressure there) and I was starting to get a bit burnt out. 

I had the BEST time sitting with Justine, chatting and laughing. Two hours flew by! I can't remember the last time I felt so relaxed and comfortable around someone I was meeting for the first time. 

After meeting with Justine, I just felt happy. I was in a good mood, I felt like a weight had been lifted...this is when I realized how stressed and burnt out I had been! 

While it was great to have a blogger meet up and it was great to meet a new friend... I can't put into words what Justine did for my soul and how much I appreciate her taking the time to meet me and spend a couple of hours with me. 

I also appreciate Justine (Sleepy Single Girl) for introducing me to Justine (Tantrums and Tea Parties) and allowing this weeks 'favourite thing' to happen!

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