Wednesday 23 October 2013

Pretty Little Beauty Swap- Reveal

My beautiful and sweet friend Justine, from Sleepy Single Girl, and Chelsee, from Southern Beauty Guide recently hosted the Pretty Little Beauty Swap.

I was paired with the adorable, fellow Canadian, Justine from Tantrums & Tea Parties. While I had a blast getting to know Justine and putting together a package for her, the best part of being partnered together was that we actually got to meet! Justine and I live about an hour from each other, so we met in the middle-ish at a Starbucks. It was sooo great to meet Justine and chat, as well as exchange our beauty packages. Justine is seriously, one of the nicest, sweetest girls out there...time flew by! There was a lot of laughter and I'm sure we'll meet up again- can't wait!

Anyway, here's the package that Justine put together for me:

  1.  Eyes Ultimate Look- includes 3 eyeshadows, mascara, eyeshadow brush, lashes (with glue), eyeliner, pencil sharpener, 2 eyeshadow applicators. I had mentioned to Justine that I LOVE e.l.f. and that it was really hard to find in Canada, but she found it!
  2. Hydrating Mask- I have SUPER dry skin, so I'm excited to try these out!
  3. Defrizzing Hair Conditioner- While my hair is curly, it's mostly frizzy. Justine actually uses this and says it's really good...another thing I'm excited to try!
  4. Bracelets- These are really pretty and I'll be able to wear them with a lot of my wardrobe.
  5. eos (evolution of smooth) lip balm in Starwberry Sorbet- As a Canadian, I can never have too much lip product, especially lip balm, to keep my lips smooth and protected in our cooler months. This lip balm smells sooo good and Justine said it tastes good too (true story!). I actually opened the package when I was with Justine and threw it in my bag. 
  6. Nail Polish "Let's Meet"- This is actually a really pretty pale yellow with a nice shimmer to it.
  7. Nail Polish "Pink Forever"- This pink is actually brighter than it appears, but it's really pretty.
  8. Hair Elastics- Like every other girls out there, I am always looking for a hair elastic. Again, when I was with Justine, I put these in my bag right away.
  9. Lipgloss "Nude York City"- Again, can never have too many lip products. I told Justine that I like neutral colours and she kept this in mind...I love this shade!
  10. Box 'O Files (nail files)- These are adorable! It's a box of nail files, 6 in the box. I am always looking for a nail file, especially at work-I even resort to asking people if they have velcro on anything. I opened the package right away and put them in my bag.
  11. Volumizing Mascara- Justine uses this product too and loves it, so I'm sure I will too!
As you can see, Justine SERIOUSLY spoiled me!!! How great and perfect is everything she picked out?!?!?!? Thank you so, so, so much Justine!! Want to know what I got Justine, head over here to find out!

You can find the link up here, to see whatever else got. Thanks to Justine and Chelsee for hosting!


  1. Look like you got some great stuff! Thanks for participating! I think it is so cool that you two were able to meet, and I am glad you enjoyed this!

  2. It was SO much fun getting to know you and pick stuff out for you. I love shopping for other people :) And I can't wait to meet up again!!

  3. Ahhh you definitely got spoiled!!! I am glad you loved it :)