Wednesday 11 September 2013

Loyal She Began, Loyal She Remains

Everyone knows how much I love Canada and for the longest time, I have wanted to showcase Canada on my blog. So, I've decided to ask Canadian bloggers to answer 5 questions about their province.

This week, GingerMommy, is answering questions about Ontario.
1. Where are you from:
Ontario, SW Ontario but I lived in Alberta and BC and loved it 

2. Favourite thing about your province: 
Ontario is huge and full of so many unique people. I love going to the city one day and hanging in the country or by the beach the next 

3. What is your region (province and/or city) known for: 
 I live near Lake Huron, we are known for camping and summer fun. Very popular for the beach (Grand Bend)

4. Where to:
a) Stay:
In my area you will want to camp or stay in a cottage to enjoy it 100%

b) Eat: 
On the strip. Grand Bend has many burger, ice cream and poutine vendors that allow you to eat on the go 
c) Go/what to do:
Fish, camp, para-sail, boating and beach volley ball 

5. A "must know" about your province:

People in Ontario are way nicer than others make us out to be. Every town/city is unique and special. the diverse cultures and unique attractions like Storybook Gardens, CN Tower and Niagara Falls really allow us to stand out.
Thanks GingerMommy for taking the time to answer these questions!!

For more information on Ontario, please visit Tourism Ontario.

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