Wednesday 18 September 2013

Wild Rose Country

Everyone knows how much I love Canada and for the longest time, I have wanted to showcase Canada on my blog. So, I've decided to ask Canadian bloggers to answer 5 questions about their province.

This week, Jmeyersforeman, is answering questions about Alberta.

1. Where are you from:
I have lived in Calgary Alberta more than 25 years, but I am from Biggar Saskatchewan!

2. Favourite thing about your province: 
Within a 100 miles radius, mountains, prairies, badlands-dinosaur park, rodeos, fairs, skiing, fishing, and the big blue sky that goes on forever. 

3. What is your region (province and/or city) known for:
The Calgary Stampede, reported to be the Greatest Outdoor Show in the world, The 1988 Winter Olympics, Oil, Spruce Meadows and International Horse Jumping. 

4. Where to:
a) Stay:
Hotel Le Germain if you are staying in the City, Rafter 6 if you want that rural, ranch experience that is close to the mountains.
b) Eat:
If you are coming for the stampede make sure you get out for a pancake breakfast. If you are here at another time, the Open Range Steak House.
c) Go/what to do:
Come for the Stampede, it's a great party. If you are here during the winter, we have some of the best skiing in North America just an hour out of the city.  

5. A "must know" about your province:
Dress in layers, weather changes can be extreme and frequent through the day. But there is lots to do in every weather, if you are dressed for it you can enjoy all the city has to offer. If you need something you didn't bring Mountain Equipment Co-op is a great place to get the outdoor gear that you might need.

Thanks Jmeyersforeman for taking the time to answer these questions!! (Check out the blog...the pictures are beautiful!)

For more information on Alberta, please visit Travel Alberta.

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