Tuesday 7 February 2012

Hey! It's Ok

This idea was taken from Whispering Writer.

It's ok...

To be excited that I FINALLY got an invite to Pinterest! I requested an invite via their website about a week ago and the invite never came. I sent a random girl a Facebook message asking her to invite me and she did!

To be loving the humus and avocado sandwich I had for lunch so much, that I want to have another one for dinner (recipe to follow later this week).

To think it's funny that my boss told me I'm not allowed to have caffeine ever again. I had some this morning (not normally a caffeine person) and spent the day hyped up. My co-workers wanted to know what I was on and wanted some for themselves.

To have not watched the Superbowl. At all. Not even for the commercials or Madonna. Instead I watched What's Your Number?, Something Borrowed, and Pretty Woman.

To love the fact that Tony Lucca was on The Voice! You can watch him here.

To hate the fact that my birthday is next week. As much as I love birthdays, my own birthday kinda bums me out. And to hate the fact that Valentine's Day overshadows my birthday.


  1. We didn't watch the Super Bowl either.

    I'm not a fan of my birthday either since I'm turning 30 :/

  2. I didn't watch the Super Bowl either. :-D It's okay!!