Friday 10 February 2012

Favourite Thing- Good Friends

As I believe I've mentioned, my birthday is next week, February 14th. This is not my favourite thing but information you will need in a bit.

One of my favourite things, and this goes without saying, are my good friends.

I've made the trip home for the weekend and just got home from spending the evening with my friend, whom I have known for close to 20 years. (Does that make us sound old???) We just hung out at her house, but we had a great visit. it's very rare that she and I get to sit and talk, just the two of us. But that's exactly what we did tonight.

While we were hanging out, she told me to stay put as she had something for me. She came back with this:

(It's in the shape of a heart because my birthday is on Valentine's Day...get it?)

She (and her daughter) made me this cake! Yes, the candle is a crayon and yes those are butterfly sprinkles. They even made it from scratch! I was so touched that they would do that for me, especially since she and I had not talked about my birthday or the fact that it was coming up. And the cake? Delicious!

So, to summarize, my favourite thing (s)
  1. Good friends
  2. Long talks with friends
  3. Birthday cakes- bonus for being homemade and double bonus for being in the shape of a heart!

A bonus favourite thing this week:

I follow and am a huge fan of the blog The Kennedys Amongst The Kardashians. About a week ago, they posted an entry about how to make your own monogram desktop (which you can read here). For someone like me who isn't computer/tech savvy, I really appreciated the step-by-step guide. I even made my own, which is now the desktop for my work computer. I'm hoping to make another one for my personal computer as well. Here's the one I've already made:

Summary of my bonus favourite thing(s)
  1. The Kennedys Amongst The Kardashians blog
  2. Custom made/personal monogram desktop
  3. The Lilly print featured in the desktop

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