Saturday 11 February 2012


Maybe a year or so ago, I heard of this great website;

This websites allows you to make a loan for as little as $25 to someone starting out in business. Your loan helps the business person establish or grow their business and support and provide for their family. Most of these loans got to third world countries to people who may not be able maintain their business if it weren't for the loans from Kiva.

All people asking for loans are screened by the organization before they are listed on the website. As someone who is interested in giving a loan, you visit the website and look at the profiles of the people applying for a loan. YOU get to pick who you would like to invest in! These are people from around the world, different ages, and a variety of business- such as agricultural, retail or service (ie tailor). You will get updates on how the business you invested in is doing.

The receiver of your loan will work towards paying you back, with a payment rate of over 98%. But like any investment, there is no guarantee that you will get all of your money back. The website has more information on this. When you get your loan paid back to you, you have the option of loaning it to someone else or pulling the money out to spend elsewhere. Or even donating it to the Kiva organization so they can run (100% of your loan goes to the receiver of your loan, none of it goes towards running the organization).

So if you happen to have an extra $25 sitting around and you don't know what to do with consider lending a loan via Kiva. Or, if you would just like to help someone out. Either way- or for more information- visit

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