Friday 24 February 2012

Favourite Thing- DYI Magnetic Board

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a DIY-er, crafty, organized, neat or even patient for that matter.

I recently came across a DIY magnetic board on Pinterest (you can see the original post here) and thought that was maybe something I could make. You could even say I was inspired. I thought it seemed pretty easy and thought I would step it up a notch and make a half magnet board, half cork board.

So, a week ago, I set out on my little project.

The supplies:


There is a quilting store in town. I had to drop something off there for work, and while there I decided to look at the fabric. I ended up finding a bundle for 4 fabrics, which I thought were reasonable priced ($15 for 4 pieces, all big each big enough to make a pillow case) and I was drawn to two of the fabrics. Honestly, it was finding these fabrics by chance that resulted in my attempting this project.

I LOVE the pink polka dot fabric and the green fabric with polka dots.
Next, I was off to the dollar store where I picked up:

Craft Magnets

Cork board (the package had two boards in it)

Push pins (for the cork board)

Hot glue gun (which I didn't buy at the Dollar Store) & hot glue gun sticks

Cookie sheets (aka baking sheets)
Next stop was home to attempt to be a crafty DIY-er.

To make:
  1. Cut cork board to desired size
  2. Wrap fabric around cork board, secure with hot glue
  3. Wrap fabric around cookie sheets- the bottom of the sheet will be the front of the magnet/cork board- secure with hot glue
  4. Glue cork board to cookie sheet
  5. If needed, make magnets and/or push pins

Seems pretty simple (and it was, for the most part).

Luckily, my dad came to visit for the weekend. He actually was kind enough to cut the cork board for me. I wraped the cork board in the pink polka dot fabric and I wrapped the entire cookie sheet in the green fabric.
The biggest challenge for me (besides being patient during the project and trying not to get hot glue everywhere) was the magnets.

I wasn't really sure how to go about making magnets. I originally tried wrapping the entire magnet in fabric, which didn't work well. I then tried wrapping a button in fabric and then gluing the button to the magnet. This worked better but wasn't great (not to mention I didn't have any more extra buttons kicking around). In the end, I cut out a square piece of fabric, glued it to the magnet and then cut the extra fabric to make the fabric round. Again, not the best, but better.

This was my final product:

It's not perfect, but I think it turned out pretty good for a first attempt!
The magnet on the upper right is the button magnet. 

My dad (bless his heart) agreed to attempt to be crafty with me. This is what he came up with:

A bit different then mine.
As you can see, my dad glued the fabric on the inside of the cookie tray and then glued his piece of cork on top.
He also made his own magnets- he glued screws on to the magnets so they would have 'handles' and be.

To summarize: My favourite thing this week is my homemade magnet/cork board. NOT DIY projects.

Although after this, I think I might have to attempt some more DYI projects.

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