Monday 27 February 2012

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Participate in Meatless Monday.

If you are unaware of what Meatless Monday is, it's a global initiative to fight global warming by going meat free one day a week. 18% of the world's green house gas emissions come from animal agriculture. Cutting out meat one day a week can reduce your own personal carbon footprint by roughly 28.5%. Some pretty crazy stats!

Environmental issues, especially global warming, are huge concerns right now. By participating in Meatless Monday you can help be part of the solution to these issues and combat some of the damage being done.
This isn't about becoming a vegetarian or going vegan, but it's about doing something for environment. Cutting out meat one day a week, overtime, can have a HUGE impact on our world. So why not become part of the movement?

For more information, visit (the website also has links to US & UK sites).

i & i (idea & inspiration) taken from Brittany at Happy Brittany.

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