Wednesday 8 February 2012

Book, Song, Body

First of all, my (former) co-worker and one of my best friends, gave birth to a baby boy last night! Congrats to her and hubby- so happy for them (even though I didn't win the baby pool)! Can't wait to meet the little guy, who will be the most popular and loved baby, not to mention curing cancer by the time he's two (inside joke...sorry). Also, she is now official a Hot Mom!

BOOK- A while ago, I was able to download Energy Work- Cleanse, Heal and Strengthen Your Aura to my Kindle for free. I'm not sure if I believe in auras and what not. If still not sure if I am a believer. Honestly, if this book wasn't for free, I wouldn't have downloaded it. But I did and I read it.

This is a very short book, so a quick read. It`s simply written, so easy to follow and understand. No previous knowledge needed with this book. This is essentially like a step by step guide. It explains what an aura is, the difference layers, how to change and even protect your aura. It also includes exercises for you to do.

Again, not sure that I'm a believer in this. But I do have trouble sleeping and thought I would do the meditation. I did this every night for a week and I have to tell you, it did help me sleep better. Just for the sake of doing it, I decided that I would try and make my aura green (represents peace, something else and money).

Yesterday, my boss informed me that she received extra funding and offered me a position doing freelance work.

Is this a coincidence or did I really change my aura to attract money? I really don't know.

But, I would recommend this book for anyone who has a basic interest in auras and would like to learn more. I also recommend this book for people who enjoy meditation. I plan on reading it again and seeing if I can change my aura to a different colour in an attempt to bring some element to my life.

SONG- I had a song picked out for this week, but then last night I stumbled across an artist that I met and befriended (to an extent) years ago (we have since lost touch). She really is talented. I couldn't find a link for my favourite song by her, but here is my second favourite.

It's weird for me to hear this much as I like it...because I know the guy (I meet Danielle because of him) this song is about and I know of the situations based around this song.

BODY- One of my favourite products, is Sugar Kick Body Scrub (brown sugar mango), which was part of the got2b in2 spa line. This product is so, so, so, so hard to find! I frequently turn to ebay to purchase it. And if you know of anywhere I can buy it (either store or online) PLEASE let me know! 

Besides the fact that it smells amazing, I love how it lathers and scrubs. It works really well and buffing your skin and getting rid of dry skin. It leaves my skin feeling fresh, super soft and clean! No residue. I do not use this product on my face (as recommended by the company). It has a really pretty orange colour to it- which really has nothing to do with anything. And smells really good. 

If you can find this product anywhere, definitely give it a try. And feel free to send some my way. Please.

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