Friday 17 February 2012

Favourite Thing- Italian Soda

I have recently been introduced to Italian Soda and am now obsessed with them!

There's this really great shop in the town I live in. It's hard to describe.

They sell homemade ice cream cakes, fudge and chocolate. They carry all natural products such as soap and lip balm. They have a variety of teas and coffees. Boxes of cookies. Minor kitchen stuff (ex mugs, serving platters). And just stuff like ornaments at Christmas, key chains, stationary, etc.

And the back of the shop, they have a little counter which is where you can order drinks. They also have muffins and cookies to go. I've become friendly with the owner and she told me how her sister just LOVES Italian Soda, which is why she offers the drink.

I told her I'd never even heard of an Italian Soda and she insisted that I try one ASAP.

So I did.


It's really simple to make, so I've started making them at home.

All you need is a couple of cubes of ice. A shot of flavour. And club soda. Put the items in the glass in the order I have them listed here, and viola! You're done!

There are so many flavours so I definitely haven't tried them all. But, so far, my favourite is a toss up between watermelon and peach lemon.

If there's a café or something near you that serves Italian Soda, defiantly try one. If not, follow my recipe (above) as it really is super easy to make!

I'm trying to cut back, as I can't imagine they are that healthy for you but I can see this being my summer go to drink- not just for myself, but even for what I serve my guests!

***For flavour, I use either Torani syrup or the same syrup used to make slushies. Torani most likely can be bought from a local café (ask if they'll sell you a bottle if they don't have any advertised as for sale) or online. I buy slushie syrup from Zellers (in Canada), so I'd imagine Wal Mart or Target will also carry it.

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