Saturday 24 December 2011


With Christmas days away, I've decided that this weeks entries will have a 'Christmas' theme. 

I have two websites this week:

Portable North Pole is website where you can have a custom message from Santa! It's super easy to set up the video! Messages can be customized for children or adults, and you can also indicate if they are on the 'naughty' or 'nice list'. Just fill in a few details about the recipient and you're done! The videos are cute and kinda funny.

NORAD Santa Tracker This is one of my favourite websites! NORAD tracks Santa. There's a map and you can see all the places he's been already, where he currently is and where his next stop will be (with a count down as to when he'll arrive). The map is interactive- There's a Santa icon on the map so you can see where he actually is, but after he leaves, it turns into a wrapped present. If you click on the present, it tells you the location and shows a picture. There is also an icon on the map for Santa Cam, which shows different parts of the World (ie Great Wall of China). This is a really great, fun website. I'm 27 and still check it out every year.

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