Wednesday 28 December 2011

Book, Song, Body

Today was Julia's funeral. You can read about her here.

Book- As mentioned above, Julia's funeral was today. The service was beautiful and, as a Catholic mass, there was mention of God and our eternal home, heaven- which helped me decide on this weeks book, The Five People You Meet In Heaven.

Many year's ago, Brittany (of wrote a MySpace blog about this book and I decided to pick up a copy. Every time I have read this book, it's been done in one sitting.

Eddie, the main character, dies early on in the book. He thinks that his life is meaningless and that he hasn't had any influence on anyone's life. As he works through the 'steps' of heaven, he encounters 5 people- some are people he knows, some are strangers, but he has encountered all in his life. Eddie learns the role he played in each of these people's lives.

I love this book, have read it numerous times, and highly recommend it. It's a beautiful story and a reminder that we touch and influence people without realizing it at times.

The message of this book, reminds me so much of Julia and the way that she touched thousands of lives. During her life, she may not have realized how influential and inspiring she really was. But any of the thousands of people who made it to her funeral and visitation will be able to tell you the ways in which Julia touched their life and inspired them.

Song- For this weeks song, I wanted to pick something that honoured Julia. There was a specific song that was dedicated to her during her battle with cancer and I thought of using that. After she died, there were a few songs that were written by people who knew her in her memory, and I thought about using one of those. At her funeral today, I was reminded that Julia was a devote Catholic and contemplated using a hymn from mass.

At the end of her funeral, right before leaving Church (second to last song), Notre Dame Our Mother (Alma Mater) was song. Julia was a student and ND and her parents are teacher there. Julia has been part of the ND Community since before she was born. I thought it was touching that the Alma Mater was included during her funeral. It's also a song that I have always loved (being an ND grad myself).

This weeks song is Notre Dame Our Mother (Alma Mater) as song by the University of Notre Dame Choir.

Body- This week's pick is a potato.

I'm going to share one of my beauty secrets... I've been blessed with good skin and never really had problems with blemishes, pimples or acne. But every once in awhile (especially if I'm super stressed out), I will get blemish or two. This is my no fail way to get rid of them!

Cut a potato, and place the inside of the potato on the blemish for a few minutes. There's something in the potato that takes away the redness of a blemish or pimple...I'm not exactly sure what it is, but it works! You can also use ice to take the swelling down a bit. Due this daily until the blemish is gone (for me, it's usually a day or two).

This idea taken from Brittany at

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  1. I'm glad the service was beautiful.

    I also read that book. Very good.