Friday 30 December 2011

Favourite Thing- World Junior Championships

This time of year is my favourite.

Not Christmas, New Year's or anything holiday related.

My favourite time of year, is the World Junior Championships (Hockey).

The International tournament starts every year on Dec 26, and this year goes until January 5. Almost two weeks of hockey. I love hockey to begin with, but I've always loved watching our Junior team play. The best under 20 hockey players show up to play some great hockey and represent their home country. These guys are playing for their country- it's not for money, NHL draft rankings or anything like that. It's simply national pride and the love of a sport.

I always plan my schedule around Team Canada's schedule at the WJC. I never miss a game, if I can help it. If you have any interest in hockey, or are Canadian, following the WJC is something worthy of your time.
Not only is the WJC a favourite thing of mine for the hockey, but it's a yearly reminder that national pride is alive and well in Canada.

On the subject of hockey...And another favourite thing happening in a matter of day... 2012 NHL Winter Classic will be taking place on January 2, when the Flyers and Rangers (GO RANGERS!!) will be facing off during this annual outdoor game.

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