Wednesday 21 December 2011

Book, Song, Body

With Christmas days away, I've decided to that this weeks enteries will have a 'Christmas' theme.

Book- There are soooo many great classic Chrismas book out there, but knew right away which book I would pick for this weeks entry. The Night Before Christmas. I think everyone is familiar with this story. As a child, I had several copies of this book and loved them all. This was a story that was read to me and by me every year.

I have a little cousin and every year for Christmas, as part of her gift, I get her a Christmas book. The Night Before Christmas is the first book I gave her.

As a child, we would go to my aunt and uncle's on Christmas Eve. My uncle's sister would read this book to us every year. While she was reading it, Santa would come to the house. It was magical thing, a family tradition and a happy childhood memory.

Song- Like books, there are so many Christmas songs that I love. First Noel, Silent Night, Hark! The Harold Angel Sings, Joy To The World...all come to mind. While these are considered traditional songs, and I do love them, I've decided to go with a 'modern' Christmas song:

I heard this song a few years ago and have loved it every since, frequently playing the song on repeat.

Body- It was hard to come up with a Christmas themed 'body' suggestion for this week. While it's not a Christmas product per say, it IS Christmas themed. Foaming Bath Ball from Fruits and Passion, which is in the shape of a Christmas ornament! This make great gifts, stocking stuffers or even decorations for your tree- not to mentionm, who doesn't enjoy a relaxing bubble bath? I personally like the Pear & Peony scent.

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