Tuesday 27 December 2011

Hey! It's Ok

This idea was taken from Whispering Writer.

It's ok...

To over indulge during the holidays. It's not your fault that everyone is having a party, or that there is so much good food during this time of year. It would be rude to not eat and enjoy this food, food that someone worked very hard to make.

To spend the day in pj's. It's the best way to be comfy and lazy. If you have nowhere to go, or anyone to see, why not spend the day in your comfiest clothes? I'm on day 2 of pj's only, knowing that tomorrow I'll have to be dressed in clothing that is slightly less comfortable (funeral and two holiday parties tomorrow).

To eat chocolate for breakfast. With chocolate in my stocking from Santa and the boxes received as gifts, it's just easier to reach for a piece then to make bacon and eggs. And really, if you only do it once in a blue moon, what's the harm? On top of that, chocolate does have calcium and iron (I think?) and other vitamins, so it's not THAT bad for you.

To be excited that the World Junior Championships (jr international hockey) started yesterday! Canada won their opener against Finland 8-1 and play the Czech Republic tomorrow at 8pm. It's also ok to plan your life for the next two weeks around Canada's game schedule (or whichever country you're cheering for).

To re-gift. Somethings just aren't worth keeping. If you have something that you don't particularly like, already have, etc and you honestly know someone who would enjoy/like/appreciate the item, it is totally ok to re-gift. It's not ok to re-gift if it's something no one would liek or that you wouldn't personally buy and give to someone (fruit cake? ugly sweater? ceramic rooster?)


  1. Yes, I am a re-gifter, too. I see absolutely nothing wrong with doing so! And I tell others to re-gift something I give them if need be.

  2. And it's okay to eat chocolate at 1030 at night. Mmmm...I'm munching on some now.