Friday 16 December 2011

Favourite Thing

Christmas Crackers!
A number of years ago, my dad put a couple of Christmas crackers in our stockings. I'm not sure why he did...maybe a throw back to his childhood Christmas'? But I knew that Christmas crackers would have to be something I wanted to have for my future Christmas'. These, by most standards, are cheap. Some paper, a popper sound maker, a paper crown and a surprise- stickers, key chain, whistle. Nothing spectacular. But I loved them.

I have used these as place setting cards for Christmas meals and parties. It's fun to open them- pull on each, pop sound and they split open revealing the crown and surprise. It's become a ritual for us to open them before meal and put our paper crowns on. Some people wear the crown the entire meal, while other just put it on for a few minutes. 

Christmas crackers are just something small and silly. But I love them and I can't wait to open my Christmas cracker on Christmas day.

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