Wednesday 1 March 2017

White Willow February Review

I have been subscribing to White Willow for a year now and this is one of my favourite subscriptions boxes! I was surprised that I have only posted one White Willow review on my blog- the first box I received from them. 

White Willow is a bi-monthly lifestyle subscription box, based in Canada. The price is $49.95/month and the value of each box is around $80. The February box has a suggested retail value of $88.25. Note: All prices are CAD.

Their February box didn't disappoint!!

  • Fragrance Medallion by D.L. & Co White Willow frequently introduces me to new products- including this one! The ceramic medallion is to be used in small spaces (drawers, closets, bathrooms) to diffuse scents. Place a couple drops of oil on the medallion every couple of weeks and you are good to go. The scent I got is Thorne Apple (the other scent is Lady Rhubarb). Since moving to my new place, I have been incorporating scents into my home, and I am looking forward to trying this out!
    Retail price $34
  • Gold Foil Polka Dot Plate This is a multiple purpose item; it can be used to serve food, under candles, soap dish, catch all... This is super cute and I will likely use it as a catch all. About a week before receiving this box, I made a note to buy a catch all for my daily jewelry.
    Retail price $19
  • Lip Macaron by MOR Australia made with a ton of great ingredients- Jojoba, coconut oil, papaya seed oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, and vitamin E- this product will hydrate and nourish your lips, while adding a light sheen. This item was curated in Rosebud, Passion Flower (which is what I got), Lychee Flower, Peach Nectar, and Cassis Noir.
    Retail price $14
  • Caramello Pocket Chocolate Bar by URGE Chocolate White Willow frequently includes a food product in their boxes and it is always amazing! This chocolate bar will be no different- 55% Dark Belgian chocolate, creamy caramel layered centre, topped with sea salt. My mouth is watering!
    Retail price $5
  • Playing Footsie Foot Soak by Barefoot Venus First of all, I was so excited to see a Barefoot Venus product! I am a fan of this company- I love their products and I love that they are Canadian! I was also excited to see this because a few days before the box arrived, I was thinking how great it would be if subscription boxes included a Barefoot Venus product! Finally, I was excited because this is a Barefoot Venus product that I had never tried!
    Retail price $16.25
How amazing is the February box?! I love everything! I feel that White Willow includes a great variety of products related to 'lifestyle'. The products are also good quality and unique. Every other month, they delivery a great subscription box and this is always the first subscription I recommend to people. 

A Note About Customer Service White Willow has the BEST customer service that I have ever encountered anywhere. Ever. Professional, polite, timely, willing to help. I had a couple of issues in December, no fault of White Willow, because I had moved:
  1. My postal code for my credit card no longer matched their files, so the payment was declined. Not only did I get a personal email (instead of an automated form), but White Willow offered to hold my order until the issue was resolved, instead of putting it back in their inventory, where the item might still be available by the time I got the postal code sorted out.
  2. The box was delivered to a Community Mailbox and it took me almost two weeks to get the package, even though it was in my building. This was a Canada Post/my Condo Management issue. The frustration I felt with Canada Post/Condo Management made me reach out to White Willow and ask them to mark future deliveries as 'do not safe drop'. This ended up being a complicated process and White Willow did all of the work. I appreciate them looking into this for me and make the necessary arrangements for me to pick up my box at the post office.

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