Monday 13 March 2017

Inspire Me: Guy Best Friend

There is a lot of good in my life. A lot. I have a great life, which I am thankful for. Like everyone else, I also experience some lows in my life. I try not to dwell on them...I remind myself how lucky I am and focus on the good in my life. I am constantly moving forward, not looking back. 

Over the past month and a half or so, I have been dealing on and off with a situation. I think that situation has come to an end and the outcome- to be honest- did make me sad. 

Late last week, I got a phone call from my closest guy friend. We don't talk or spend as much time together as we used- life happens. He has this uncanny talent of calling me out of the blue, just when I need him most.

I came across this quote years ago and the first time I saw it, I immediately thought of him:

I am so lucky to have him as my friend and I do consider him one of my best friends. We can- and do- talk about anything and everything. There is no judgement, there are no secrets. His outlook on life, and his kind, charming, down to earth personality never fail to make me smile, laugh, and feel better. 

When I was talking to him last week, I realized he had a goal to make me laugh, which he did. Numerous times. At the end of our conversation he told me that he likes to make me laugh, that the sound of my laughter makes him smile. 

And that made me smile.

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