Wednesday 15 March 2017

Upcycling Ideas From Personal Creations

I ended 2016 by buying my first home and have spent the first few months of 2017 getting settled. Now that I have my place set up the way I want it and functioning the way I need it, I can focus on decorating and adding personal touches.

My goal for my home is to be organized, functional, and minimal; I want everything to serve a purpose or to bring me joy. A great way to accomplish one or both, is to upcycle!

New Uses for Old Things
Image Via has gather 50 ideas for upcylcying items into something new. I personally like the idea of using shopping bags to organize items- finally a use for the Lilly Pulitzer bags that are too pretty to throw away!- and repurposing telephone handsets as bookends. You can find the full list, including links to instructions, here
Happy Upcycling! 

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