Monday 27 March 2017

Inspire Me: Make A Life

Two years ago, there was a defining moment that changed the course of my life. The actual moment, and the 18 months or so leading up to that moment were...not pleasant. Two years have passed and I am so thankful that I am no longer in that situation- a situation where I was bullied, harassed, disrespected, and treated so poorly. I was so focused on surviving, making a living, just getting by.

That defining moment, which was also a really negative moment, turned into relief. It also lead to opportunity. So much opportunity. For a brief moment in time, I had it all.

My life did a 180. I went from being bullied to being encouraged. I went from being disrespected to being valued. I went from being overworked to having work/life balance. I went from always working, to always living.
In the past two years, I have made so many memories, had the chance to experience so many things, and had the opportunity to spend more time doing things I love, being with people I love. 

I have started living life, really and truly living, enjoying life. I have put more of an emphasis, and put in more of an effort, to have experiences. I am being proactive about spending time with friends and friends- even if it means scheduling things weeks in advance.

I am continually making and improving the life I want to live.

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