Wednesday 24 June 2015

I Had It All...For A Moment In Time

We always hear about wanting it all...having it all... Some say it's possible, some say it's impossible. Some say you can have two out of three, and you have to settle for what's most important. 

I always imagined that I would have it all. As time went on, I thought I would never have it all. As time went on more, I thought I would eventually have it all- but never at the same time. I don't know what I think any more.

Life has certainly had it's up and downs, it's curve balls and home runs. I have survived it all. 

As I struggle with my current situation, I realized yesterday that I DID  have it all- at least for a moment in time. 

Everything I ever wanted, I had and all at the same time. As I write this, I no longer have it fell apart almost as quickly as it all came together. 

But I did have it all and I am thankful for that. 

I had a job that I love, that challenged me and made me feel fulfilled.
I had employment with an organization that aligns with my personal beliefs and values, an organization that had morals and standards, that treats employees with respect and values them.

I had friends who kept me company, celebrated life events with me, included me in times of fun, shared laughter and who offered support and encouragement.

I had family where we recognized our roots and beginnings, bonded over what made us unique, upheld tradition, lead by exampled and shared pride- we were proud of each other and our accomplishments.
I had the nice things in life...a place to call home, a place to run off too, a place to vacation, a car, bills taken care of, clothes, shoes...all of life's luxuries. There was nothing I wanted that I didn't have.

I had someone to share with, create moments, care about, hold, just be.

I was happy. I recognized I was happy. I lived in the happiness. 

I no longer have it all...but I had it all. For as brief as it was, I was blessed. I am thankful.

It was more than most.

Even if I never have it all least I did. 

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