Friday 26 June 2015

Friendly Resolution- June

I'm not big on New Year Resolution, because let's be honest, most of us rarely stick to them. This year, I decided that every month, I would make the point to connect with two friends that I haven't seen recently (at least 3 months).

How did my resolution turn out for June?

L- I haven't seen her since her birthday back in December! She has two little ones, crazy work schedule, building a house and getting ready to move- she is one busy lady!! I saw her at our friend K's wedding (I see K on a pretty regular basis) and knew I would be sitting with her at dinner. We spent a couple of hours together... it was great to see her and catch up! Once she is settled in her new house, I will have the chance to see her more. Of course I also K at her wedding, and I discovered that she and I had a mutual friend, A. A and I were friends back in University and lost touch. It was a surprise to see her at the wedding, but we had a great chat and have reconnected via social media.

A, J & P-I saw all 3 of them at the beginning of March (time frame for this goal is 3 months, so this just squeezes into the time frame), at P's surprise birthday party. A & J were having a bonfire at their place and i was invited. It was such a relaxed night, just hanging out outside, enjoying the fire, roasting marshmallows, sharing stories and laughing. It was perfect.

K & J- two friends I met through work in Huron County. I had dinner with both of them back in February (the time frame for this goal is 3 months, and it's been longer that 3 months, so it counts), and even went to the Royal Wood concert with K, but I haven't seen or spoken to either of them since. We went out for dinner and had a great time!! I love these two ladies and I was so happy to spend time with them. 

I definitely met my goal of at least 2 friends, but I connected with a lot fewer people than I have been in the past months. I'm still happy that I was able to stay on track and meet my goal. June was a bit of a weird took me out of town a couple of times (I did get to know some colleagues from our local offices), I had more than usual family/political daughter things to attend too, and I went through...a situation, which resulted in me having more than usual "me" time.

All in all, pretty happy that I was able to stay on track with this goal! Looking forward to connecting with more friends in July!!

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