Friday 24 April 2015

Friendly Resolution- April

I'm not big on New Year Resolution, because let's be honest, most of us rarely stick to them. This year, I decided that every month, I would make the point to connect with two friends that I haven't seen recently (at least 3 months).

Earlier this month, I found myself transitioning into a new career and had some down time between jobs. When you're not working during the day, it's so much easier to meet up with people, as the past month has shown:

C- A childhood friend that I haven't seen since November, even though we live less than two hours away from each other and both spend time in our hometown. She and I met for breakfast in the city that was half way between us. We found a fantastic little diner and had a great visit!

N- One of my summer students from last year! I was so busy with work and she was so busy with school that I haven't seen her since her last day of work at the end of August. We were able to meet for lunch. It was so, so, so great to see her and catch up. She has the most amazing personality, so much energy and so positive.

K- One of my sorority sisters. I do see her once or twice a month, but it's always sorority related. She and I (and her daughter) went out for lunch. It was nice to talk to her about things and get her input. I appreciate her words of wisdom. And she said something that was so nice to hear; she's admires how if I want something, I just do it...I put together a plan and make it happen. I had never thought that about myself.

Sorority Sisters- I had cancelled a lot of my plans with them recently, so I hadn't seen them in awhile. We had plans to go play Bingo and I kept going back and forth as to whether or not I was going to go, right up until 5 minutes before I had to leave. It was so nice to see them, spend time with them and laugh. Not win at Bingo was ok. 

R- A friend since high school, who I have seen while out doing errands, but we haven't been able to get our schedules to match up until this week. We went out for lunch at this great Hawaiian place. She is super interesting and I always learn something new from her!

E- I know her through Brock Alumni, and while I have spoken to her on the phone and via email and text on a very regular basis, I haven't seen her since Homecoming in September! We met for coffee and chatted about a few things, including her house hunting!! 

My mom and sister- while they are not technically had been about a year since the 3 of us had gone out for lunch. Always nice to spend time with them. Plus, my sister and I also spent some time together shopping.

I connected with a ton of people! But that's what happens when you're not working and have all the time in the world. I am back to work, but this job will allow me to have more free hopefully I can continue to with my goal is two friends a month- which I think is realistic.

I'm four months in, which is not a lot, but I've been really great at sticking to this resolution. I have high hopes for the rest of the year!

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