Thursday 2 April 2015

Baby Shower Part 4- Games

Almost a year and a half ago, I hosted a 'Bedtime Stories' Baby Shower for a dear friend of mine. Even though the actual baby shower was so long ago, I still want to share details of the event with everyone. This is a timeless, gender neutral and fun theme.

Today I'm sharing the games we played! This was an 'over lunch, before a staff meeting' baby shower, so even though there were some games I really wanted to play that would include people getting up and doing activities, I just didn't have the time or space. I also wanted to incorporate games that had to do with the theme- Bedtime Stories!

After some Google-ing (seriously, what did people do before Google?!), I found two games online that I was able to print for everyone to play. They were:
  • Nursery Rhyme Game (from here)- This is essentially a nursery rhyme trivia game and included questions like "What couldn't Jack Sprat eat?" and "What did Little Miss Muffet sit on?"
  • Can You Finish The Nursery Rhyme? (from here)-This was basically fill in the blank. An example of a question is: Mary had a little lamb, it's [blank] was white as snow.
Both of these games were quick to 'play' and everyone got a good laugh from the answers- you bet I made everyone read what they wrote! It was fun to see how out of practice everyone- including mom-to-be- were with their nursery rhymes.

With the prizes, again, I wanted something that would fit the theme:

How cute are these sleep masks?! I picked them up at the dollar store, so they were inexpensive but the perfect fit for a Bedtime Stories Baby Shower!

Come back next week for gift and book ideas!

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  1. I hate baby shower games so I refused any at mine. But I love the food that comes with a shower!