Thursday 26 March 2015

Baby Shower Part 3- Food & Drink

Almost a year and a half ago, I hosted a 'Bedtime Stories' Baby Shower for a dear friend of mine. Even though the actual baby shower was so long ago, I still want to share details of the event with everyone. This is a timeless, gender neutral and fun theme.

Today I wanted to share the food & drinks!! It was decided that we would ask everyone to bring their own lunch and that we (the office) would provide a cake or cupcakes. I also wanted to include food and drinks that fit our theme.

What goes with bedtime stories? Cookies and milk, of course!!

Like the gift table, the food table (picture #1) was also turned into a bed (see the decor post on how this was done). We had white and chocolate milk, which I poured from cartoons into reusable plastic containers with lids (purchased from the dollar store) and placed in an ice bucket (also from the dollar store).

The office decided to purchase cupcakes instead of a cake, because it was more cost effective. A friend of mine made the cupcakes (picture #2) adorable are they?!?!? They were pretty delicious too.

I am not much of a baker, which my friend knows, so she was extra touched that I baked cookies for her shower. I ended up making two kinds of cookies; Campfire Cookies (picture #4) and Rolo Stuffed Sugar Cookies (pictured #3).

The cookies & milk were a huge hit with everyone in attendance and was a nice way to tie our food and drinks to our theme.

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