Monday 2 March 2015

Inspire Me- Thoughts About It

Today is my first day back in the office after four days off. I spent these four glorious days hidden away at the family's second home. I did some errands, shopped for my Mug O Comfort Swap Partner, read, did some work for a charity gala I'm working on...and that's about it. It was a quiet and most uneventful time off. 

On Thursday, I met up with two friends/former co-workers for dinner and drinks, before heading over to the Royal Wood concert. Royal puts on an AMAZING show!! He is insanely talented, engaging with his audience and funny. It was a small, intimate venue (the first time I'd ever been there) and it was just Royal and his guitar player. I had a lot of fun and truly enjoyed the show!

I would love to have more time off (and I will later this month); I could use a couple more days to truly unwind and relax.

As usual, I'm turning to a quote for some inspiration this week:

How true is this? Happiness is a choice. Our mind frame and how we approach situations we find ourselves in directly corresponds with out level of happiness. If we tell ourselves we are miserable and that a situations sucks, it will and we will be unhappy. But in the same situation, if we smile and focus on the good, we will be happy. 
A few months ago, I had someone question me and why I laugh- something I do All. The. Time. I told them I laugh because I am happy.  They didn't like that answer, and even told me I was too busy to be happy. I I said, happiness is a choice. 

I have made the choice, and the effort, to be happy. Happy is my word for 2015 and something I am working hard on.

Happy thoughts and attitudes create happy situations and experiences.

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