Friday 27 March 2015

Friendly Resolution- March

My friends are my world. I try really hard to be a good friend and I try really hard to work on my friendships. It's so easy to let friendships fade if you move, get married, have a baby, start a new job...there are so many reasons/excuses. I've always tried to maintain my friendships; generally one or two visits a year with texting, phone calls and Facebook messages in between. 

I'm not big on New Year Resolution, because let's be honest, most of us rarely stick to them. This year, I decided that every month, I would make the point to connect with two friends. How did I do in March?

K- A long time friend and someone I haven't seen in awhile. We went out for drinks and dessert. Our friend, L, was supposed to come but wasn't able too. We had planned to stay out until 11 but we ended up staying until after 1am, closing the place down! It was so great to spend time with her.

P's Surprise Birthday- There was a surprise birthday party for a friend of mine. Not only did I get to see her, but I got to see about 5 other people, who I hadn't seen since Christmas. It was nice to see everyone, even if I only stayed for an hour or so.

A- My cousin and friend...I hadn't seen her since Christmas (same time as the above mentioned friends). She was at the surprise party, but she also came with me to the David Myles concert that night (which is why we didn't stay long at the party). We had a blast at the concert, and went for poutine afterwards.It was nice to spend so much one on one time with her.

G- My friend I went to Cuba with! Again, someone I haven't seen in ages! We went out for brunch...again, nice to spend time with her and catch up!

C- Another friend that I haven't seen since Christmas. We went out for a late lunch. I always enjoy his company and hearing what he's been up too. He rivals me for the most active social life!

I connected with a lot of friends, one on one, this month...this is surprising since I spent a good chunk of the month being anti-social and cancelling a bunch of social outings. 

I realize that I likely won't connect with so many friends in the coming months- I think that two is a realistic number. I'm really hoping this is a 'resolution' I can stick with all year.  Like I said, my friends are my world and I think it's so important to put time and energy to build and maintain friendships.

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