Tuesday 24 March 2015

Hey, It's Ok!

Airing My Dirty Laundry
To be so excited that Big Brother Canada started last night!! I've been counting down since the end of last season for this season to start! I hope Marsha the Moose makes a few appearances this season.

That I did not fill out a bracket for March Madness. I never do...but I think it would be fun.

To always pick Kentucky for March Madness...I always think they're going to win. Even if I don't fill out a bracket or follow NCAA basketball.

That I am hopefully. Yesterday was the first day, new outlook, things are going to improve.

To be looking forward to lunch with a fellow Brock Alumni tomorrow!! I met her at a networking event and I'm looking forward to connecting with her and getting to know her better.

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  1. Haha I always fill out a bracket even I have absolutely no clue about any of the teams. C and I did one this year with a little bet....I am currently kicking his butt!