Wednesday 15 April 2015

Book Club: Moranthology


Book: Moranthology
Author: Caitlin Moran
Amazon Summary: 
The follow-up to Caitlin Moran's breakout hit,How to Be a Woman-A hilarious collection of award-winning columns, available to American readers for the first time ever.

Possibly the only drawback to the bestselling How to Be a Woman was that its author, Caitlin Moran, was limited to pretty much one subject: being a woman.Moranthology is proof that Caitlin can actually be "quite chatty" about many other things, including cultural, social, and political issues that are usually the province of learned professors or hot-shot wonks-and not of a woman who once, as an experiment, put a wasp in a jar and got it stoned. Caitlin ruminates on-and sometimes interviews-subjects as varied as caffeine, Keith Richards,Ghostbusters, Twitter, transsexuals, the welfare state, the royal wedding, Lady Gaga, and her own mortality, to name just a few. With her unique voice, Caitlin brings insight and humor to everything she writes.
What I have to say: 
I had heard a lot about Caitlin Moran and I was interested to read this book and see what all the hype was about. I get it. She's a great storyteller! This books is a collection of essays, of things that Caitlin has experienced. It was engaging and entertaining.

It took me about a year to read this book. Because it was a collection of essays, once you are finished an essay you can walk away from the book and pick it up at a later time- no need to remember what you last read, because you were starting a whole new story. I would read this book while waiting; waiting for car repairs, waiting to meet someone for lunch, waiting for... which is why it took me so long to read. 

Final verdict: This was a good book, entertaining with laughable moments. Collections of essays do not appeal to everyone, but if they appeal to you, I highly recommend this book!

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