Thursday 30 April 2015

Kentucky Derby- Decor & Entertainment

We are in the final days leading up to one of my all time favourite days of the year- Kentucky Derby!! The Derby is THIS Saturday and I cannot wait!! 
Last week, we talked about food & drink, so today I am sharing some Derby decor and entertainment ideas.
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Some people go all out with their Derby decor (like this blogger). I would, at least once, love to do that. I'm never organized enough to throw a big party, so I tend to keep my decor on the simple side; flowers, flowers, flowers.

If you want to go all out, think what the Derby is about; horses, Kentucky, the South. Lots of colours, lots of flowers and lots of horse racing paraphernalia. There are so many ideas on Pinterest. You can check out my Kentucky Derby Pinterest Board for more ideas.

Remember, the Derby is also referred to as 'Run for the Roses' so any decor piece that you can incorporate roses into, is a good idea. 

For my parties, I stick to flowers and not much else for decor. I basically just put vases of flowers around the room. Red Roses, Hydrangeas and Lilies are personal favourites. 

As for entertainment...

NBC Sports does a great coverage leading up to the race. It can be tedious to watch all of the coverage, but I usually have it on in the background. If you prefer music, you can find a pretty good playlist here.

If you are going for a BBQ/tailgating vibe, corn hole, slip and slide, and horseshoes are a lot of fun. 

What my family does, is each guest is asked to contribute $2 to the pot when they arrive and they get to pull a number out of a hat. The number they have, is their horse (for example, if I pull #4, my horse is the horse in the 4th post of the race). Whoever has the winning horse, gets the pot. It's just a fun little thing we do. 

Regardless of what you pick as the 'entertainment', the race, the most exciting two minutes in sports, is the central point of your party. So make sure you and your guests watch it!

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