Thursday 17 March 2016

White Willow: March Box

First of all, Happy St Patrick's Day!! Besides work and watching the season finale of How To Get Away With Murder, two things that are not very "Irish", I have no plans to celebrate this day. I will wear the only green piece of clothing I have, a cardigan, in the spirit of this holiday, and of course reflect on my Irish roots.

A couple of months ago, I heard about a new subscription box, White Willow. I saw a lot of positive reviews and liked the products that were being included in the box. I also liked that this is a lifestyle subscription box and that it's Canadian!! This is a monthly subscription and you will get 4-5 items with a value of at least $70. Subscriptions are monthly ($35), 3 months ($34), 6 months ($33) or 12 months ($32), plus shipping.
March was the first White Willow Box that I received...and I LOVED it!! They made a great first impression with their packaging- a crisp, clean white box with their logo. When you opened the box, it said "Unveil your surprise" with their hashtag underneath- which I loved, I didn't have to go searching for it. They also included a welcome card-nice touch- and a product card. Not all subscription boxes include product cards, even though they should! White Willow had pictures of the products, which were numbered and corresponded with the numbered description, making it easy to match everything up. 

So, what did I get?

  • Lindo Konjac Sponge: This is something I have received in other subscription boxes, so I wasn't super excited about it. However, I do think it's a great product and something I will definitely use.
    Value: $15
  • Organic Infused Basil Oil by La Tourangelle Artisan Oils: First of all I was so surprised and impressed to see this product included! I love the fact that they included a cooking product that I can actually use! I have never seen a product like this included in a lifestyle box and I think it's a fantastic addition! Plus it's GMO free, which is good. It can also be used in a variety of dishes: chicken, fish, pasta, pizza, salad, or with bread. I'm looking forward to using this!!
    Value: $12
  • Mudlark Memento Boxed Notes: I am not crazy about the design- I'm not a fan of floral prints- but I hand write notes all. the. time. There are 20 cards in four different designs. I will be using these and I was happy to have more note cards to add to my stationary collection. What I like even more is that the box is pretty solid and magnetic, so it will make a great keepsake box too. Two products in one.
    Value: $18
  • LOLLIA "Breathe" by Margot Elena Shower Gel: This is a "perfumed" shower gel...and it definitely has a scent to it! The scent-which is a little too much for my liking- is peonies and white lily. I'm hoping that when I use it in the shower, the water will bring the scent down a lot. It smells nice, if you like a strong floral scent. This was the "big ticket" item in the box and I'm not sure I would pay this much for a shower gel.
    Value: $30
  • Oil Serving Dish: Another product that I was surprised and impressed to see included! Especially since it is something that can be used on it's own/with stuff you already have, and/or with a product (Infused Basil Oil) that was included in the box. I love getting kitchen products, especially practical ones that I will use! Even when not in use, this dish will be on display in my kitchen. You can't really tell from the picture, but there is a design of a bunch of grapes on the plate, which balsamic vinegar will gravitate too when mixed with oil. Love, love, love this!
    Value: $6
  • Bonus item: Lindt chocolate. This is a well known and delicious brand and I was happy to see it included as a 'bonus' item. 
 What I paid: $42 (subscription + shipping)
Total value: $81 (bonus item not included)
The value is almost double what I paid! Even thought the value isn't as high compared to some other boxes (FabFitFun), it's still a great value. It actually has a higher value to me because I like all of the products and will use all of them. Even more value is added for me, because three of the products (oil dish, infused oil, note cards) are products that I have yet to see in a lifestyle box...the uniqueness of the products add value for me.
My first White Willow Box definitely lived up to my expectations and I cannot wait for my April box to arrive!!

Note: All prices listed in this post are CAD.

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