Wednesday 16 March 2016

The Bachelor: A Social Experiment

I have maybe watched two episodes of The Bachelor before this season- including one episode of The Bachelor Canada, which I really wanted to like because I like to support Canadian content, but couldn't after I saw the world's most awkward hug. 

For some unknown reason, the Season 20 Premiere of The Bachelor was on my tv while I was talking to my friend Paul and I ended up watching it. I was surprised to learn this show had made it to season 20. I have never understood this show or how people can love it so much. 

The Communication Major got the best of me and I decided to do a little experiment, where I would commit to watching the entire season with an open mind. The goal was to understand the "hype" around this show and to see the appeal.

Each Monday, I would try and get excited about that night's episode. Paul and I would talk about how we were going to have our popcorn ready.

Despite all that...

I kept an open minded.

I came back week after week. 
I went to work every Tuesday and talked to my three die-hard co-workers. 

I live tweeted.

I followed #TheBachelor.
I REALLY did try. I promise. 
But it was also painful. It made me uncomfortable to watch some of Ben's dates. It was awkward watching him break up with people. And I did a lot of eye rolling when it came to some of the girls. Some of the girls- oh hey Olivia, oh hey Lace- were so...crazy...that I actually was scared for Ben's safety when watching. Luckily, nothing bad happened to Ben. 
While I was watching the episode, I couldn't believe that I was actually wasting TWO hours of my life watching this show. I had a co-worker offer to watch the show too so we could talk about it- I told her not too. I had another co-worker go out of her way to tell me that she has noticed a lot of The Bachelor related tweets recently and was wondering if she should be concerned.  
Bachelor Ben Higgins...he is cute! Image Via
Now, I do think Bachelor Ben Higgins is cute. He was adorable, charming, and oh so sweet. I could see why people loved him. I was rooting for him to find love, which he claims he yay for that. I was also happy he picked Lauren...which I called after the hometown dates. Speaking of hometown dates...after Jojo calling her ex as she's waiting for Ben, and how her brother's acted...she did not deserve Ben. I did like the episode where they did a talent show...that was fun.

Despite my best efforts, and Paul's encouragement, I just couldn't get excited for the episodes. I really, really, really did try. I actually WANTED to like the show! I wanted to understand the hype. I wanted to be on board with everything. I wanted to become a fan.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be.

After watching the season, being part of Bachelor Nation (or at least attempting), I STILL don't get this show or it's appeal.
I'm sorry.
The best part about The Bachelor? Was talking to my co-workers and seeing how excited they were about the show. They made an effort to try and get me to see the appeal of the show, explaining things to me and telling me why it was good/exciting/positive. I appreciate their effort and patience.  

I would like to take this time to thank Paul for humouring me and watching the season so I had someone to talk to while the show was on (even though he did flip back and forth between The Bachelor and hockey, but he, along with his finacee, did watch the entire finale).

Never say never, but I don't plan on watching another season of The Bachelor. Or The Bachelorette, even though Jojo is the new bachelorette and Sam-who's opinion I trust and who generously answered all my Bachelor questions- said that this is a good thing, we like Jojo.

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